How can I finance the house of my dreams ... ?

For financing the house of your dreams, you will need a good mortgage.You will need to answer some questions to find a good mortgage, like:

  • Which mortgage is more suitable for you? 
  • Which bank provides the cheapest interest?
  • For which duration should you choose?

During the years, banks have tightened their rules and standards.

To prepare your search for your dreamhouse, it would be adviced to calculate before your financial opportunities.
In this case you prevent disappointments and continue the search for your dreamhouse perfectly prepared.

Save on your housing costs.

Lilit Home works with recognized mortgage advisers, who can give you advice depending on your aspects.You get an expectation of your monthly mortgage and housing costs.The mortgage advisers will calculate the most useful fiscal terms with the most attractive mortgage interest for you.

In case you want more information about mortgages and which mortgage consultants are recommended by us, contact us by phone number: 010-2238912 or by e-mail: