Selling your house?

You can sell your house through Lilit Home Makelaardij.

Lilit Home offers you a unique solution which can sell your house fast and without any stress and insecurity. We are 100% sure you can sell the house. Our power is that we do not sell only to Dutch people, but also to foreign investors. When you sell your house through Lilit Home Makelaardij, you have a lot of advantages:

-No double living costs anymore.

-You do not pay (high) agency costs

-No additional costs

-Sell your house real fast

-Fast payment possible

-No selling stress

-No insecurity

-Notarial settlement

-Delivery in consultation

-Deposit is possible

-If you want we can clear your house.

-In case the price is good, the house is sold within one week

We as house buyers, have no right of three days reflection period and we make no use of other terms.

After the delivery you consult with the agent, the sellingsprocess, the sellingprice etc. If you give us the order to put your house on sale, we place a "For sale" sign and put an advertisement of your house on our website, through our website it will be advertised on different websites also. As soon as we viewed the house we let you know how the viewing went.

If the candidates are interesteden in the house, we will make a agreement of purchase and plan an appointment for signing. After the two parties signed, the notary will handle it further. Lilit Home Makelaardij guides you in the whole salesprocess of your house.

Fill the form in below and we will contact you as soon as possible.